Are allergy services covered by OHIP?

​Allergies testing is done by skin prick testing and in some cases blood test .No additional fee is charged for skin prick testing as this is covered through OHIP.

How do I get an allergy consultation?

In Ontario, patients must be referred by the family doctor (or other physician) to an allergy specialist. Ask your family doctor to refer you to ACIR today – can we link to the ACIR referral form.

Do I have to pay for my allergy test?

You do not have to pay for allergy testing with an allergy specialist. If you have a skin prick test (allergy test) with our clinic, it is covered by OHIP (Valid Ontario Healthcard) or IHF (Interim Federal Health Program) for refugees

We also accept private pay patients with or without insurance coverage. Insurance coverage will be dependent on your plan and policy. We will invoice patients directly and request for you to submit to your insurance for reimbursement.

Sometimes we may ask of patients for additional testing for their allergies (bloodwork) at Lifelabs, however this is not covered by OHIP and you will have to pay out of pocket. This blood test is completely optional. Insurances may cover for this additional type of testing, we ask patients to ask.

How much does allergy testing by blood test cost?

It cost $30-$40.00 per allergen

How much does allergy injections cost?

This will depend on what you are allergic to. Our administrative team will be able to provide a quote after your consultation and allergy testing is performed.
Please note that Allergy injections are covered by:

– Trillium Drug Plan
– Insurance

I do not have a family doctor but I would like to see an Allergist.

You may receive a referral from any clinic accepting new patients for primary care. We are also able to provide a list of our partner clinics. You must book an appointment to see a family doctor to be assessed and from there, if it is determined you need to see an allergist, they will send a referral.

All referrals can be faxed to 416-907-4166

My family doctor referred me but I have not heard from you.

Sometimes technology can be fault, especially faxes! Just give us a call at 416-907-2003 and let us know what’s going on. Our administrative team will be more than happy to help you out and get you an appointment as soon as possible.

How long do I have to wait for an appointment?

Our wait times are less than one month

I have re-occuring itchniness, are you able to help me?

Yes, we are able to treat skin-related issues that are spontaneous or triggered by known/unknown environment factors or food. Our clinic is equipped to offer comprehensive and collaborative medical treatment that will help your symptoms.

Do you see Asthma patients?

Yes! We believe in shared-care to ensure the best outcome for our patients. Majority of our Asthma patients will see an Allergist along with a Respriologist.

Do you see children?

Yes! We are happy to provide allergy testing for the whole family as allergies may have a hereditary component.

I just moved here from another country and I have received allergy injections in the past, are you able to provide me with another prescription?

Of course! We are happy to provide a new consultation and prescribe allergy injections. Please note that we will ask you to have another allergy testing done again to ensure accuracy.

I only had one reaction in the past, but I would still like to have an allergy test done, would this be possible?

Yes. We help many patients avoid another episode or reaction to help ease their anxiety and worries. Overall, preventative management is key to help treat your allergies.

Do you test for food allergies?

Yes! We are able to offer many different types of food allergies, even uncommon ones if notified ahead of time. Our food allergy testing includes but not limited to:

– Fruits
– Peanuts & nuts
– Milk, eggs
– Protein (chicken, beef, lamb)
– Seafood
– Sesame, soy, flaxseed

Do you test for environmental allergies?

Yes! Our environmental test includes but not limited to:

– dust
– trees
– grass
– weeds
– pets/animals

Do you test for penicillin allergy?

Yes! If you have a known reaction to penicillin, we are able to offer Penicillin testing at this time, however due to the preparation for this type of testing, wait-times are a bit longer for this.

I am pregnant, can I still be referred to your clinic?

Yes. We are happy to provide an appointment for consultation, however we advise waiting after you have given birth to have your allergy testing done. We do not perform the procedure (allergy testing) on pregnant patients, but we will accept appointments for consultation and symptom management.